Pilates and Yoga


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Written by a leading practitioner, Personal Trainer: Pilates + Yoga fuses eastern and western traditions in one exercise approach. The author’s method uses the best of both disciplines to give a workout that produces strength, suppleness and weight loss while promoting emotional balance and a sense of wellbeing. Movements achieved with Pilates machines are replicated with resistance bands and mat work to improve posture and strength. As in yoga, individual movements and poses are linked in a series to unlock energy flows, increase flexibility and promote relaxation. Unlike many of the more vogprpis yoga workouts, Personal Trainer: Pilates + Yoga is safe and gentle, yet deeply powerful and able to transform the body from a state of weakness and fragility to one of core strength and flexibility. It will improve posture, balance, flexibility and strength, while calming the spirit, reducing stress and alleviating many serious ailments such as back and neck pain.